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Soccer is same as football. Both the games main aim is to shoot the ball in the goal post to score points. There will be two teams in each there will be minimum of seven members and maximum of eleven members. The team with high score is the winner of the game. It is necessary to keep five things in mind when shooting a shot:

  • Aim before you shoot, that is you should not hit the ball as you wish in goal post instead you have to aim and strike the ball in the target area. You have to confuse the goal keeper and hit the ball.
  • You must point the toe in the direction you aim. That is it will be easy for you to hit the ball in goal post if you keep your toe in same direction.
  • You must use full force to strike the ball with foot only then the ball hit the goal post. To get ful force you have to use the tip of your foot.
  • To strike with accuracy you must strike the ball with the inside of your foot. Accuracy is much important in football.
  • When you hit the ball you may lose your balance. So to keep the balance you can raise your arms. If you miss the balance you may fall or the aim may change.

The above are few tips for shooting goal in football. In Bolaku website, football agents also make it a point to perform daily market updates and maintenance once a week in order to supply player with convenient features.These website are best known for pasaran Bandar bola. Bolaku engage games with only one user id in one site.Being online allows players to access all games from any device platform linked to a network, such as mobile (Android, tablet, or IOS) and PC (Computer or Laptop). The market’s games varies and it depends on the appearance or features of each game.