What are the rules and strategies in playing 3 card poker?

The 3 Card poker is a newbie to the casino world although this game has the most paying table game that has been made. Before you get thrilled. You need to know that the profits are going to the casino or to the person who has the right to the game.

When you know this kind of information you might feel intimidated to play but you don’t need to escape the game. The game can be fun and it has different options for betting. This has been made for people that have a short attention period. When you are having doubts about playing the game. You can try it for yourself to see whether you want to continue playing or not. For now, you need to gain knowledge about its rules and strategy to win better in the game. 

What are the rules of a 3 card poker game?

You can have these traditional rules for the 3 card poker game.

  • The game will start when the player has two bets. Ante and Pair plus wager are bets that are optional in other casinos. But other casinos demand to use Ante for bets. The Pair Plus choice is for players that have the final hand that holds a pair.
  • When the first bet is already made. The players and the dealer will be receiving three cards. Once the player puts an Ante bet they have a choice to raise or fold. When they decide to continue they need to put a Play wager which is the same as Ante. And when they fold the player will lose all their first bet.
  • Both hands are already shown to know who is the winner. Once the dealer showed the cards. The dealer needs to have a queen or higher to pass. When the dealer does not pass then the player’s Ante bet gains more money and the Play bet goes on.

  • There is a chance that the dealer does not pass when both hands are being compared to one another. The next move is they need to have a higher hand to win.
  • Once the dealer wins the player fails all the bets. But when the player wins they will get money on Ante and Play wagers. When there is a tie the player’s bets will push. The percentage will be 44.91% for the player, 55.03% for the dealer, and 0.06% for the tie.
  • The Ante bonus will be available once the player decides to have a better or straight. This prize is not related to how strong the dealer’s hand is.
  • When the player has a better or pair they will get a Pair Plus bonus. Aside from that, the house will store this kind of amount.

The strategy of the game

There is no formula to know how to win in every single game. The players are reflecting on a strategy so when they play they can apply it to the game.

Pair Plus strategy

Using a pair plus bets in every game means that you either win or lose. The chances will be hard but the rewards are bigger.

Bankroll Strategy

You can think how much you can bet on the pair plus. But you better secure your bankroll well. Because the longer you are playing games the more chances you are going to win. Make sure that you remember how much money you have won and lost.

Ante Bet Strategy

It has the lowest house edge which is better for players. They will only use it once they play three card poker online.

Basic betting strategy

The players can make a decision to use the same amounts for ante and pair plus bets. They can only use this once the other bets are already double the amount of bet.