The Thin Line Between Online Casino And Addiction

The gambling environment has witnessed a spike in the past 15 years with the availability of the Internet. Online gambling has turned out to be the fastest mode of gambling for users in terms of the engagement level involved. Owing to the high level of accessibility and ease of use along with the immersive experience provides a haven for gamblers. Let’s dive into the thin line that separates online casino and addiction.

The Evolution of Online Gambling

Online gambling has seemingly covered a lot of ground with its popularity. In the year 2013, the gambling market was at a staggering €6.1 billion which was expected to grow about 10 percent in five years. There are a number of jurisdictions around the world that are getting better at legalizing and regulating the terms of online gambling.

Still, many countries restrict or have a ban on online gambling. The impact of online gambling is likely to grow with the number of internet-based platforms. The global online gambling market is now well worth over $30 billion.

The Evolution of Online Gambling

The Popularity

  • An aversion from the traditional land-based casinos has proven to be a great source of comfort for gamblers.
  • The added convenience, comfort, and ease of the internet has now come to the rescue.
  • The pace and format of online gambling is yet another reason for the increasing popularity.
  • There’s more perceived potential for gaining larger rewards with seemingly, lower costs to play in the first place.

Online Gambling and Addiction

Easy access to online gambling may serve to be the reason why it can turn into an addiction. It is much easier to spend money online; the convenience is what drives most. There’s a huge concern for the youth with the increasing impact of the internet. People who are on the borderline to be an addict for online gambling are reported to have irregular sleep and eating patterns, leading them to seek professional help.

The final thought:

The rise in the popularity of online gambling has been noted to be a problem for the youth as well. Mostly, other modes of gambling are strictly a no for under-aged youth but the internet comes to be a vast-land of deception, which can lead to trouble. It provides a route for youngsters to otherwise illegal activity. Even mental health professionals are coming to the realization of many side effects of gambling amongst the youth population.