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A few days ago I took an 8 week Internet and Business Coaching program with Richard Bennett. I also have a free ebook for my subscribers on the ‘importance of recognizing yourself’ and started my free online journaling sessions on youtube yesterday.Check out all of my FREE online resources and pass this free training on to your friends and family.

During the 8 week training, we focused on money, Situs Gacor Indonesia prosperity and peace. Today, we will explore all the aspects of ‘yoga for beginners’ for 8 minutes, feel free to ask any questions.

Can you feel that gentle deep relaxation now?

How beautiful are your feet with the springy toes and soft pink soles. Let’s just sit for 8 minutes and appreciate ourselves. Thank you for being with us.

Okay, check your stopwatch, before we begin our 8 minute meditation (it’s almost over!), ask yourself, What would be different if you were your parents? How could you stop all the anger, blaming, resenting and complaining? What would be different? What would change if you were able to go into that moment when you still a baby? What would you miss if you never had been born? Would your parents have been complete if they hadn’t had you? How would they feel if they didn’t have someone to give them love and look after them? Ask yourself these questions, really wonder if that’s possible. How would they have had to feel? And how could you love them for it?

While you’re wondering, feel free to just sit quietly and breathe. You can say, “om” at any point, or “thank you” or whatever words of comfort and love arise in you.8 minutes has passed. If you feel like it, Situs Gacor Indonesia go a bit further and do some short write ups: How do you feel when you look in the mirror? How are your moods? What would be different?Now we’re ready to do some simple breathing exercise.

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Go easy on your eyes. See your breath going in and out. Feel the wind of the air moving inside your body and through your body as you do the simple breathing, step by step:

1 Breathe in and breathe out for a few seconds

1 exhale slowly and bring in a deep breath

2 inhale slowly for about 3 or 4 seconds

2 exhale slowly for about 3 or 4 seconds

After that, open your eyes again and slowly go back to normal. You’ll find yourself in an effortless relaxing state. It’s easy to bring this back.

Try to remember your sweet innocent smile (if you have one). It’s a brilliant smile, a smile that is filled with love and beauty and kindness, gratitude, tenderness and respect. Keep it with you always and smile at yourself, show yourself that smile that only comes from a child who knows only pure joy.