Different types of online casinos

Online casinos are those games played over the internet by using a laptop or mobile device. The casino online games have achieved momentum with the online advent since the mid of the 90s, and now it has become a multi-dollar industry. The casino games give gamblers sheer pleasure to play from the comfort of their houses, with actually a real experience of playing and rewarding, just as in a land-based casino. And one of the best sites in Indonesia, Janjislot, provides you some fantastic slot and casino games.


There are three kinds of online casino games available on the internet, which gamblers can enjoy from the comfort of their home. All that a player need is a computer/laptop and robust internet. With the advent of technology today, these online games are also compatible with mobile, tablets, and other electronic devices.

First is web-based casinos. 

These games are site-based casinos in which the player who wants to play casino games needs to log on to that specific website. And you can also get started with this type of play. There is no requirement of downloading any gambling software on your computer to take part in these casinos.

The second is download-based online casinos. 

This kind of casino requires players to download the online casino software into their devices first, and then they can enjoy all the casino games. Their casino software can directly get connected to the casino operator without any browser support. The running speed of these casinos is download-based is much more than the web-based casinos because all the animations and programs are located in software. There is only one limitation of these download-based online casinos, and that is as it requires the software to be downloaded, it usually takes some time for the download process. It may also attach some of the risks of malware as well as spyware.

The third is live casinos online.

These live-casinos always allow their users to enjoy a real-time experience as if they are present in a brick-and-mortar casino. The user can easily interact with different players and live dealers at the tables, just like in a live based casino, by utilizing the real-time web window.

So you can try these types of casino games easily and make some good money. It is up to you that what type of gambling games you want to play online.