The entry of Enzibet into the field of Online Gambling has been likened by the fans to Bruce Lee and “Enter the Dragon”, for good reason. Previous to the entrance of Online Gambling Administration Control Websites like Enzibet, the scene had become a jungle, complete with savage predators. These websites, which had sprouted overnight, were mostly fake, with criminal intent. Well-intentioned and honest gamblers were being constantly cheated. The enthusiastic fan following of online gambling was beginning to dwindle, after the first surge in popularity, due to the rampant dishonesty of the game organizers. But the need of the day was fulfilled by the strong reaction of honest dealers organizing themselves to deal with the precarious situation, while each country with a long gambling tradition prepared to ensure a level playing field for their Players. In Indonesia, www.enzi.bet was born, and ever since then, has been successfully controlling all aspects of Online Gambling there.


At Enzibet, the investigation and review of Online Gambling Agents is carried out with extreme care and caution. This is done not only during the Registration of Agents, when thorough analysis of the Agent’s past history comes into focus, but also at regular and frequent intervals. This is done without any prior warning to the Agents, to ensure maximum security and evaluation on a 24/7 basis. Constant Surveillance makes for maximum security for the Bettors, and weeds out the spurious websites from the rest.


The new members are also enrolled with careful, step-wise analysis of their background, interests, and capabilities. All necessary information about the intending Bettors is encrypted, so as not to fall into the wrong hands. The new Bettors are guided to make sure they avoid common pitfalls, and are able to play with fairness. The actual odds of winning at the different games are discussed frankly with the beginners, as is some useful tactics for success. Recovery of the Players’ gains from betting and their initial deposit is made easy and direct.


Thus, the activities of www.enzi.bet are as below:

  • Sift through applications of Online Agents to analyze genuineness.
  • The past reputation of the Agents over significant time is studied.
  • Dealer/Agent financial soundness is evaluated.
  • The ability and intention of Payout of winnings and deposits of Bettors is established.
  • Safeguards against dishonest dealings, and penalties for such activities, are established.
  • Recorded Consent of the Agents is obtained.
  • Only those Agents with the utmost trustworthiness are selected for Registration.